Jennifer L. Hopkins


Welcome to relaxation!
At this time masks are encouraged for anyone with sneezes/coughs/runny noses/colds, but are otherwise not required. Feel free to use one if it makes you more comfortable and I am happy to don a mask at your request!

See the Contact Me page for our office protocols regarding COVID-19.




Just a reminder Summer Hours are in place for July and August - if you need weekend appointments, now is the time to book them or you'll have to wait for September! To increase availability, Tuesday appointments will be available by request for the summer. Come visit the Sterling Renaissance festival for a chance to see your LMT in their natural environment.


I am a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, and energy worker practicing in the Finger Lakes region of New York state.


I offer session packages!*
These are an excellent way to plan for addressing acute issues, or to facilitate regular booking. See my services page for details regarding sessions.

3-Short sessions - $230 (Save about $3 per session)
6-Short sessions - $450 (Save $5 per session)
9-Short sessions with the 10th free! - $720

*Packages are to be used within a year of purchase and may not be split between more than 2 people

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